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Neuroscience, DNA Nutrition Tests & the treatment of anxiety London, for optimal health.

To succeed with reducing anxiety, it is not just about how we think and use our thoughts. There is a clear interaction between what we think, our brain and specific areas,  our nervous system, our physiology and the food we consume.  Along with the effectiveness of traditional therapeutic methods, Mike brings science into his work, using neuroscience and brain based therapeutic treatments.

The science.

Mike provides an explanation on how the brain responds to the spectrum of stress and anxiety.  Explaining what occurs in specific regions of the brain and what areas become over activated and how this shows up in behaviour and particular thinking styles. 

Understanding that there is a clear Biological, physical, social and psychological interaction with anxiety Mike shows you how to work with the symphony of biology, physiology, social and psychology  to neutralise irrational anxiety. Understanding how and when to apply particular techniques, Mike shows you how to facilitate these and combine these into your routine so you can be actively working on reducing unwanted anxiety symptoms.  Psycho-educational materials are used to show how the body naturally responds to stress , and then particular strategies are provided to begin the process of re learning the biology of the brain and body to respond more resourcefully.


Optimal Health and DNA Nutrition tests.

I have now officially partnered with the personlised nutrition company, Vitl. 

 Vitl provides DNA Nutrition Tests that reveal how your genetics affect your day to day wellbeing, and then creates personalised supplements based on your results to help you feel your best. To know more about Vitl please refer to 

If you are interested in finding out how we can use the DNA Nutrition Test in your personal wellbeing programme and get £20.00 off when you order using my code LHAC-DNA, please let me know and I can arrange this for you.

Not only will you get useful insights that will last a lifetime on over 40+ nutrition, health and fitness genetic traits, we'll be able to work together to optimise your diet, supplementation and exercise regime using the results. 





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