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Press Interviews

The London anxiety clinic, where time permits, participates in press interviews, articles and publications. In these interviews Mike discusses many areas about the treatment of anxiety in his London clinic with journalists. 

Please see below for recent interviews, articles and publications:

Huff post.

This article is about the growing Brexit anxiety and how clients are coming forward to explore how Brexit anxiety is affecting their health and lifestyle.

Readers digest.

Mike discusses generalised anxiety disorder with a writer for the readers digest. This includes ideas about the treatment of anxiety London.

Huff post:

Brexit anxiety and how the  affect on mental health
COVID-19 - lockdown lifting and the anxiety of returning to the outside world
Scared of flying and the techniques to help manage anxiety when flying on an aeroplane.

Daily Mail

Why a panic attack can feel just like you are having a panic attack.

Click here to read Mike's interview in the Daily Mail

Marie Claire UK

Anxiety symptoms can be easy to miss.


Medical device network

VR therap for OCD.


Liz Earle wellbeing

An interview by Liz Earle with MIke Ward discussing anxiety and the impact with COVID19. This includes links to podcasts and interviews.

The Telegraph:

Journalist Miranda Levy interviews Mike Ward and discusses 'The anxiety generated by ‘doomscrolling.'

Glamour Magazine

Covering the affect of what brexit had on peoples mental health

Mr Porter

Anxiety and the help of your favourite TV shows

 The Irish news

Why panic attacks can feel like having a heart attack



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