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Mindfulness Therapy for anxiety, and stress reduction techniques (London UK)

Mindfullness therapy, Mindfulness based stress reduction techniques and Mindfulness cognitive therapy is available at the London Anxiety Clinic.

Mike teaches the science of mindfulness and also provides mindfulness as a treatment in both the London anxiety clinic and his Hampshire mindfulness clinic. Mindfulness, is described in many different ways and one way of thinking about it, is it means awareness. Though the awareness is in the present moment, with self compassion and without judgement. Mindfulness really allows you to train your brain, you could even call it brain training. With the significant amount of research available, training the brain with mindfulness creates the opportunity for greater emotional control and clarity of thinking. Mike will show you how to develop and deepen the discipline of 'Attention Control' and Arousal Control. Both of which play an important role in the reduction of anxiety.

Mindfulness is extremely beneficial for anxiety therapy and stress reduction.  It is very empowering and also allows you to develop your own treatment for anxiety. We include this particular practice in our therapies as it helps to develop awareness to the very moment of inner and outer experience. This awareness is available to us all, used anywhere and at any moment we choose. You will  learn how to negotiate from a negative thinking style towards thoughts that are more resourceful, purposeful and positive.

You will also dvelop the skills to focus to the present moment, this can stop and disrupt the pattern of anxious thinking, and associated feelngs and behaviours that may perpetuate the anxiety. How often have you found yourself worrying about the future, or a particular past event?  MIndfulness allows you to develop the skill of re orientating your thinking into the present moment, eventually with ease.

Mindfullness develops the ability to take a step back from your thoughts, rather than running with the 'auto pilot' of thoughts and reacting, the skill of choosing your thought and responding (not reacting) will provide you with empowerment and choice. Mike will illustrate and teach you the techniques to develop and deepen your skill in increasing psychological flexibility and distance from your thoughts. 

Unhealthy levels of stress undermine the immune system, thus we can feel run down, low mood or finding it difficult to think straight and make decisions. There is significant research showing how mindfulness has been linked to increasing emotional intelligence, reducing anxiety and stress, this has an effect on reducing the stress hormone we call cortisol, thus benefiting and improving the immune system. 


Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) London, Harley Street.


Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy is provided by The London Anxiety clinic. This particular therapy is to assist you in reducing your anxiety and or depression, especially if you have suffered from repeated episodes of anxiety and or depression. MBCT combines the core elements of Cognitive therapy, and the mindfulness element, develops your ability and skills to observe the automaticity of the patterns of  thought without engaging with them. Lessening  your judgment. labelling and attachment to the thought, building acceptance. Acceptance allows the thoughts to pass by much more quickly with less meaning. Along with the Cognitive element, MBCT therapy also includes. meditations and breathing re-training.


Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy cab be useful for:

Anxiety disorders

Recurrent anxiety



Chronic unhappiness


Major depressive disorder

Recurrent depression

Eating disorders


London Anxiety Clinic Mindfulness Program and the Hampshire mindfulness clinic

We can offer you a full Mindfulness program over 8 weeks, this includes the theory, science, meditations and a module workbook to support your learning, or, as many clients do, they request the combination of mindfulness into their therapy treatment.

For more mindfulness information, or to register your name for our online mindfulness course please click on this link





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