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Feedback from our clients

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Needle/medical phobia ...  Acknowledging the power of the mind, unlocks potential and resources...
With consent, from another one of our wonderful clients and their success...
"I went to see Mike to overcome my blood/ needle/ medical procedures phobia. I have had a problem with this since I was eight, and it had often caused me to faint and feel very unpleasant. I have spent the last 25 years feeling increasingly anxious and avoiding these situations, but I realised this would not be possible forever.
Mike was very supportive during our sessions, and we regularly spoke on email between sessions about how I was getting on. He has helped me to move on and re-frame some unpleasant experiences in my past. He also taught me how to completely change the way I think about my fears, and have a more positive and constructive approach. I have gone from not being able to watch needles on tv, to pro actively going for health checks, and several acupuncture sessions. 
Mike has made me feel like anything is possible, and that there are no restrictions to what I am able to do in the future."
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I began seeing Mike after a number of personal challenges led me to develop a debilitating anxiety condition. At the time I reached out to Mike, the anxiety had left me feeling helpless, afraid and overwhelmed. After our first consultation, I left already feeling more in control and hopeful that there was light at the end of the tunnel. I really benefited from Mike's scientific approach and wealth of knowledge with regards to anxiety; specifically, it causes, its effects on the body and the thought patterns and effects of nutrition associated with this condition. I attended weekly consultations with Mike for a total of six weeks and have been astounded at the progress I've made with his help. It's allowed me to regain control of my life and my body and provided me with the necessary tools to combat anxiety when and if it appears. 

I would highly recommend Mike's services for anyone struggling with anxiety on any level. 

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From another one of our wonderful clients, with consent a testimonial.

I originally began working with Mike whilst going through a very difficult time in my life, I was suffering with anxiety that was affecting me eating, traveling in a car and more or less day to day living really to the point that I was miserable and unable to work. Although I had tried psychotherapy before I came across one of his articles on Facebook that really resonated with me so I took the plunge and gave him a call. I was understandably anxious about talking to someone new about my situation but that phone call left me feeling completely at ease and confident that I wanted to take the hour trip (braving the car as a passenger on the motorway) to see him.

He took the time to really listen to me and I felt relaxed just from hearing his voice. I was very anxious in my first session and struggled to concentrate or stay in the room but by the end of the session I was relaxed and a bit more confident about approaching the trip home. I saw Mike several times over a few months and found that his advice and approach was lifesaving to me at a time that I felt as though I was falling apart and best of all some of his practical techniques started to work straight away so I had some immediate relief. 
I cannot recommend visiting Mike strongly enough and I am sure that whatever you are going through he will support you in a caring and intuitive way! I am now happy to be doing my dream job that I am really enjoying and driving on the motorway to work daily. I would never have known that I could have had this kind of confidence in myself again. When I begin to feel stressed I still remember his words and calming techniques and am taken back to the relaxing atmosphere of his room and it really helps ground me.

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I was just generally feeling anxious all the time, for no reason, just on edge and nervous, I could not even put a name to it or an event that started it. I arranged an appointment with MIke Ward at the London Anxiety Clinic. After a thorough assessment, Mike really took his time to explain about how the brain and nervous system work, also how my particular thoughts were increasing my stress. He shared with me some techniques straight away on how to distance myself from my thoughts and how to use my breathing to calm my mind and body. I had not realised until Mike had explained that most of the time I was taking short breaths. I could actually feel myself calming down and feeling more relaxed. Mike shares a warmth and gentle humour with his work and this really helped me to feel at ease. Importantly he helped to me to understand that these feelings are normal of anxiety and I had also not realised that I could distract myself from having the worrying thoughts. I now take time to spend time relaxing and not rushing around, I am able to prioritise whats important and feel much more confident, everything feels easier.

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Hi Mike. Just wanted to send you a quick message to thank you for the therapy sessions. I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear it worked perfectly. I've so far had 9 injections in both arms and 2 in my mouth to have a tooth removed and I didn't faint or get worked up. The treatments you did for me worked perfectly. So thank you very much. My training at Raleigh is going very well and I'm in week 3 already.


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I have to travel on the underground to get to work and for years I have just about managed to do it. Well, I thought enough is enough, I rang around a few therapists, had a chat and then chose to visit the London Anxiety Clinic in Harley Street. Well it was worth the trip on the underground, I felt welcomed by Mike Ward and sitting in the therapy room felt like my front room. Mike asked me questions about my life, curious about how I had become frightened, and anxious about being on the tube. As we spoke I soon began to realise and recall a time when I panicked. It was a school trip and I had realised I had got on the wrong coach and panicked in the moment. I recall the other chidren laughing and another teacher taking me back to the coach I was supposed to be on. Anyway, I had not realised this was the same feeling I have when on the tube. Mike suggested that we do some work with this particular event, he took the time to explain what the work would involve and why we would focus on this event. It was amazing work really, I was using my imagination and shrinking pictures in my mind, listening to Mikes words as he spoke to me. Would you believe it,  the feeling that I was explaining before, had gone. I felt light, refreshed and motivated to get on the tube. My trip back on the tube was easier and I went back to see Mike another 2 times. Its been 3 months now and I can truly say that, even though I can remember how I used to feel and think about getting on the tube. I feel much more calmer and in control, I even find myself not even thinking about it anymore. Yipee - Thank you so much Mike, you may see a couple of my friends after christmas.

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When I arrived, I was feeling awful
Drained lethargic burnt out not quite sure what to expect or what to do with myself.... I had been aware of a pattern of a lifetime of servicing other people's needs but unable to articulate or focus on my own and living in a state of high anxiety all the time though putting a brave face on it, using up vast stores of energy without the capacity to restore reserves. Thus feeling tired but wired all the time which had led to years of ill health....
Mikes warm welcoming approachable and conversational style helps u to peel away layers and understand causes of habits which may hav started when u were young for some specific reason but was not serving u well in the present moment...
His intervention was insightful, deeply relaxing and restorative
I came out of my Ist session feeling as if 'floating on a cloud'
totally opposite to how I felt at the start....
Thank u once again
I shall b recommending u to others

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Client testimonial with consent, main approach here was hypnotherapy and cognitive therapy, we had an hour and a half appointment as the client was travelling back home. Engaging the cortex, parasympathetic nervous system, language and anchoring for the subconscious....
I was suffering with sleep anxiety , and it had become so severe I became depressed and was terrified to sleep at night .
Before I came to visit mike ward I was fully convinced that my anxiety would not be cured as I had been to several doctors before but I am proud to say that I have been using the techniques he had given me and it has helped me through my struggle . Thankyou SK.

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The true power of conversational change, a client testimonial with consent:
I initially approached Mike Ward because he came recommended to me. I found him to be very friendly and approachable and right away that made feel at ease and relaxed with him, easy to talk to. Mike was very different in his way of delivering the information compared with the previous others I had seen or dealt with. His method was unique in that unlike the countless others who either had you fill out sheets of paper that you had to carry at all times, (not practical or effective) in order to help with solving the problem, which was tiresome and boring. Mike's unique way was easy in that none of these things were needed, but by reasoning and using your own powers of thought, changing negatives into positives, thereby calming and relaxing the mind, So by application to helping solve the problem in every day or night time situations, alleviates the stress and anxiety felt.
I found the whole experience to be very enjoyable, effective and empowering and would certainly recommend Mike to anyone who seriously would want to move forward in life.
Thanks Mike!

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I contacted Mike when I was feeling very low after an accident at work and the death of my best friend. My injury was physically getting better but I lost all confidence in walking. He was brilliant, contacting me   immediately with a free half hour phone call. He gave me an appointment for the same day, sensing my desperation. Mike helped me build up my confidence with my walking. I would recommend seeing him if you need your confidence built up or suffering with anxiety or stress. Thanks Mike. J.

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I had been suffering from dissociative seizures for about 2 years. I had seen various neurologists to try and stop them occurring. After many months, x-rays, mri scans etc, they eventually diagnosed severe migraine and told me I had developed a functional movement disorder that made me twitch down the right side of my body. At its worst, the seizures were happening every day and for hours at a time, the longest being 13 hours. I followed all the medical treatments and medications they prescribed, with limited success. At one meeting with my consultant, I asked his view of hypnotherapy, combined with CBT, and he was very supportive and encouraged me to try it.
So, on a personal recommendation from a friend, I went to see Mike Ward. I didn't know what to expect, but we just sat and chatted so he could find out all the facts of why I was seeing him. After that, I saw Mike weekly and after only 2 therapy sessions, I was seeing a huge improvement in my condition. I have now stopped taking all medications, and I am happy to tell you that my seizures have almost stopped completely. I have had one light seizure in the past 3 months - a massive improvement. Mike helped me to regain control of my life with positive thinking, relaxation techniques, neuro-linguistic training and CBT
I would recommend anyone, no matter what your situation is, to talk to Mike and see if he can help you too.



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