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Self help for anxiety - How to prioritise your thinking and to start succeeding with  your challenges.

There are times when life can feel full of anxious and worrying thoughts, feeling all consumed and tired from battling with them. Each one feeling it is fighting for its own space. From one negative thought, quite often this can spiral out into other negative thoughts, like a string of cause and effect. Usually starting with  ‘ What if questions’ and an inner self talk that contains elements of fear and worry.
So to help you in becoming clearer about these intrusive or negative thoughts, and which ones are requiring your most attention, this self help sheet for anxiety can help to prioritise these thoughts.

By writing them down, you are then invited to score the strength of what is the level of perceived anxiety.  After doing that the next section is to prioritise each of the areas you have listed.  No 1 being the most challenging to No 8 being the least challenging area of anxiety or areas that you avoid.
After that, it could be an idea to review how you may want to work with each of these areas, and begin to think about what you want to achieve – your outcome.
When you want to challenge these particular areas, start with the least worrying one first.

After completion, please know that you can contact the London Anxiety Clinic to review,  perhaps using the 30 minute complimentary telephone consultation to discuss the way forward with what you have listed.

 download here (PDF)