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Help for Panic attacks, London anxiety clinic

Anxiety and panic attacks can be experienced as an intense fear that something awful is about to happen and the symptoms can appear fairly rapidly, although they are usually brief, then can feel as though they last a long time.

Panic attacks or panic disorder can be experienced as very frightening, as the physical symptoms can feel totally uncontrollable. Clients suffering from panic attacks have described how the psychological and physical symptoms just appear out of the blue.

Panic attacks are also very common and many people experience them in their life, maybe only once, whilst others may experience panic more frequently. it is important to note that a panic attack is NOT a sign of serious mental illness. Certain situations, events or people may trigger a panic attack and at other times the triggers may not be recognisable.

Treatment for panic attacks and panic disorders, London anxiety clinic.

As with generalised anxiety and other anxiety disorders, there are specific interventions to assist in reducing the symptoms of panic. Quite often there is a fear of the physical sensations, understandably so as they can be very frightening. 

However the more fearful, the more awareness there is on the panic symptoms. Thus therapeutic techniques must include showing clients how to  re evaluate the body sensations and take the necessary action physically, to reduce the symptoms and bring the body back to balance. 

Mike discusses these strategies with his clients and shows them how to do this. Alongside the physiological techniques. Other strategies may include how to work with the particular thinking styles associated with the panic attack. Clients learn how to desensitise themselves to the physical sensations understanding that these are not dangerous, learning how to bring the body to balance and develop  a new positive narrative towards the symptoms.

Psychological symptoms of panic attacks and panic disorder

Fear of dying

Fear of losing control

Fear of choking

Fear of having a heart attack

Fear of going crazy

Physical symptoms

Feeling faint

Feeling smothered

Difficulty breathing

Difficulty swallowing

Rapid heart rate

Muscle tension